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28th Annual Family Farm Alliance
Annual Meeting & Conference
February 18-19, 2016
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Las Vegas

The 28th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Family Farm Alliance takes place at a time when water challenges in the West have never been more significant or daunting. Join us once again in bustling Las Vegas as landowners, producers and water users interact with state and federal policy makers, conservation interests, and water professionals to assess the unique challenges and opportunities brought on by record-breaking drought conditions.

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The Colorado River Basin has experienced the driest 15- year period since the 1960s with above-average flows in only 3 of the last 15 years. According to research evaluating tree rings, the ongoing drought in California is the worst to hit the region since the 13th century. Drought conditions in the Pacific Northwest are the worst seen in decades with no end in sight. Drought also exacerbates already declining forest health, increases the risk and severity of devastating mega-fire and threatens the origin of water supplies for millions in the West.

Join us as we bring together some of the key figures that will share their lesson learned during this drought, outline ideas for improved drought resiliency, and help Western farmers and ranchers forge paths to future success. 

Critical Information: The 2016 conference will again feature the Alliance’s trademark – an interactive program with speakers who come from both sides of the critical issues. This year our program will feature the following issues and more -  

  • Western Water Rights—The Family Farm Alliance in 2015 issued a report on the prior appropriation doctrine, and its role in the modern water world. The Argument for the Prior Appropriation Doctrine to Allocate Water in the Western U.S. will provide the starting point for a panel discussion about the pros and cons of the existing water rights system, and how it may or may not be improved by moving towards the water management template employed in Australia.
  • The View from Capitol Hill—Our panel of political insiders will discuss Western drought legislation, Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act developments, and the outlook for the 2016 presidential election.
  • Has Agriculture Become a Bunch of Old Guys Talking to Each Other? Honing and delivering the message of Western farmers and ranchers in the 21st century.
  • The Endangered Species Act—Damien Schiff of the Pacific Legal Foundation will provide an update on ESA litigation efforts that have real implications for agricultural water users throughout the West. A diverse panel of policy makers and practitioners will offer up ideas on how to make the ESA work better for species and Western rural communities.
  • Some Clean Water Act Regulation Good News: Klamath Straits Drain Lawsuit.
  • Reclamation Roundtable, featuring the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation and All Five Regional Directors.

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Join us in Las Vegas and hear from producers and policy makers involved with matters that directly impact Western communities that rely upon irrigated agriculture.

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Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Alliance Mission

Protecting Water for Western Irrigated Agriculture

The Family Farm Alliance is a powerful advocate for family farmers, ranchers, irrigation districts, and allied industries in seventeen Western states. The Alliance is focused on one mission - To ensure the availability of reliable, affordable irrigation water supplies to Western farmers and ranchers.

The Family Farm Alliance is recognized as an authority on critical issues dealing with Western water policy. Our targeted focus enables us to be extremely effective.

To support our mission, we seek to:

  • Impact key issues in Congress and federal and state regulatory agencies on irrigated agriculture issues.
  • Build coalitions and create powerful alliances to advocate for irrigated agriculture.
  • Facilitate the delivery of accurate and timely information to Congress, regulatory agencies and our members on issues which impact Western irrigators.
  • Communicate with the media and the public on critical issues impacting Western irrigated agriculture.

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Dan Keppen
Executive Director
Family Farm Alliance