Family Farm Alliance Programs

Farmer Lobbyist

The Alliance's "cornerstone" program which brings family farmers and water professionals to Washington, D.C. to meet with legislators on critical water issues. The Alliance believes strongly that the most effective voice in Washington DC is the individual family farmer.

Congressional Outreach

The Alliance understands that legislators and regulators cannot make good policy decisions until they understand the impact on our business. This program brings key Congressional and regulatory staff members to the West to tour farms and water projects and learn how their actions impact irrigated agriculture.

Advisory Committee

The Alliance's Advisory Committee, comprised of farmers and prominent water professionals, is critical to the mission of the Family Farm Alliance. The Advisory Committee assists the Board in developing policy and acts as the grass roots contact network for issues of importance to Alliance members.

Project Transfer Council

The Project Transfer Council pioneered legislation to transfer ownership of irrigation projects to local irrigation districts. The Alliance remains committed to this important service.

Annual Meeting And Conference

The Annual Meeting and Conference is an opportunity for farmers and water professionals from throughout the west to focus on topics of critical concern. Each year, a wide variety of speakers address the issues that make a difference to irrigators. Members of Congress and their staff, Administration officials from the Department of Interior, EPA and other federal agencies are regulars on the program.

Western Water Supply Initiative

The Alliance's Western Water Supply Initiative is a groundbreaking project that is focusing attention on the need for new water supplies Westwide. Alliance President Patrick O'Toole provided an overview of the Alliance's Western Water Supply Initiative at the 2005 Wyoming Water Association Meeting. 


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