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Almost 30 years ago, farmers and ranchers felt a serious threat to their ability to continue producing food and maintaining rural communities. The mission of the Bureau of Reclamation was being challenged and the ability to do business was under assault. The founders of our organization had a far-sighted view of an alliance that would bring together irrigators from the 17 Western states. Nearly three decades later, that dream has been realized, as the Family Farm Alliance continues its efforts to ensure that irrigated agriculture continues to play a vital role in feeding our Nation, while keeping our rural communities and the environment healthy.

The Alliance is now seen by many water resource stakeholders and policy makers across the West and in Washington, D.C. as a key player in the context of Western water resource management and how this important function is impacted by implementation of federal laws and regulations. We have a proven track record of successful engagement with federal policymakers that includes nearly 100 invitations to appear before Congress since 2005.

A Powerful Advocate

The Family Farm Alliance is a powerful advocate for family farmers, ranchers, irrigation districts, and allied industries in seventeen Western states. The Alliance is focused on one mission – To ensure the availability of reliable, affordable irrigation water supplies to Western farmers and ranchers.


Our Mission & Approach

The Family Farm Alliance is recognized as an authority on critical issues dealing with Western water policy. Our targeted focus enables us to be extremely effective.
To support our mission, we seek to:

  • Impact key issues in Congress and federal and state regulatory agencies on irrigated agriculture issues.

  • Build coalitions and create powerful alliances to advocate for irrigated agriculture.

  • Facilitate the delivery of accurate and timely information to Congress, regulatory agencies and our members on issues which impact Western irrigators.

  • Communicate with the media and the public on critical issues impacting Western irrigated agriculture.

What are the Family Farm Alliance’s Core Programs?

The Alliance has defined itself by developing several targeted core programs. Each of these programs has been developed with the same goal in mind: to increase our visibility and effectiveness at the Federal level. In addition to working the hot issues of the day, the Alliance effectively implements the following core programs: 

Farmer Lobbying Trips

The Alliance annual farmer lobbyist trip is one of the cornerstone programs of our organization. It was created to allow farmers, ranchers and water managers to interact directly with elected officials and other policy leaders in Washington, D.C.

Congressional outreach

We have a frequent presence in Washington, DC and we meet with Members of Congress and committee staff there and back home to advocate for Western irrigators. We also bring together organizations from other sectors to tackle challenges we have in common.


The Alliance strives to facilitate the delivery of accurate and timely information to Congress, regulatory agencies and our members on issues which impact Western irrigators, through a variety of media forums. The Monthly Briefing provides up-to-date information on Alliance activities. The Water Review focuses on our members and the issues and actions they are involved with at the local level.


Our Annual Meeting is a must-attend event for anyone working to preserve Western irrigated agriculture. We bring in Western producers and water managers, policy makers, NGO leaders, industry experts, and scholars to share cutting-edge information with the Alliance membership.

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The Family Farm Alliance is a 501(c)6 tax exempt organization. Our support comes exclusively from those who believe our mission is important enough to contribute. We believe the cause is important enough to ask for your support. 

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