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Almond Alert Podcast – Dan Keppen

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Aubrey Bettencourt and Dan Keppen talk Western water

In a new podcast hosted by the Almond Alliance of California, President & CEO Aubrey Bettencourt interviews Alliance executive director Dan Keppen in an episode titled “The Future of Western Water.”

The podcast can be accessed on Spotify, through Apple Podcast, or viewed on YouTube. The YouTube version of the podcast is summarized below; minute markers below link to key segments of the interview.

Topics covered on this second episode of the Almond Alert Podcast include:

00:18 – Introduction to Dan Keppen

03:21 – The Family Farm Alliance’s beginnings.

04:41 – Keying in on the Western state’s water status: Federal Water Projects and Water Management.

08:39 – The Farmer Lobbyists – The Family Farm Alliance has perfected the prioritization and messaging around water issues; then listing items needed to amend the identified problem.

13:10 – Using influence to help direct Federal dollars to aid Western water.

20:53 – How can the agriculture community better communicate with the consumer?

29:52 – How the upcoming election affects Western water.

32:47 – Inside look at inter-agency communication and coordination.

38:06 – Final thoughts.

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We will continue to keep you informed on this and other developments impacting Western irrigated agriculture.
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