Monthly Briefing – August 2020

Western Heat Wave

Triggers Wildfires and Power Outages

Soaring temperatures, high winds and widespread lightning strikes have sparked wildfires that have burned more than 2 million acres, mostly in the western United States. The related, unusually high energy demands across the West – particularly in California – have also demonstrated hydropower’s integral role as a renewable, reliable, abundant, carbon-free source of electricity.

CLICK HERE to read more about these matters and other issues of importance to Western irrigated agriculture:

  • Washington State Alliance Members Tour Klamath Project
  • Reclamation Delivers California Water Supply
  • FWS Advances New Definition of “Habitat”
  • Army Corps Proposes New Nationwide Permits
  • EPA Moves Forward With WOTUS Guidance; Litigation Continues
  • Rep. Harder, Sen. Feinstein Introduce Airborne Snow Observation Bill
  • NACSAA Webinar Looks at House Climate Committee Report
  • Coronavirus Update: Ag Impacts and Federal Response Efforts
  • NRCS Releases FY 2020 RCPP Program

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