Aug 1, 2022 | Monthly Briefings

August 2022 “Monthly Briefing”

Alliance Reps Advocate for Western Farms As Global Food Insecurity Concerns Mount

Driven by concerns of rising food prices and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Family Farm Alliance board of directors at its meetings in Reno last February prioritized the need to improve communications on what rising inflation and the Ukraine crisis means to American consumers. 

Now, record global hunger is on the rise. Searing temperatures have destroyed 70% of the crops in Italy’s Po River Delta. Millions in Sri Lanka face a food crisis largely driven by policies enacted by its own government. Similar policies have triggered farmers in The Netherlands to revolt against their government. Back in the Western U.S., development and well-funded environmental groups are buying up agricultural lands and taking them out of production. The drought is hurting farmers and ranchers across the West, and the Nation’s #1 agricultural economy in California is getting hit especially hard, due in part to government policies that are crippling its food production capability. 

The Family Farm Alliance in the past month continued its efforts to educate the public and policy makers, as global realization of the looming food crisis grows every day. 

There’s a lot happening in the world of Western water right now, and this month’s “Briefing” is lengthy, but it’s packed with the information Western irrigators, water managers and policy makers need to know. 

Western farmers and ranchers are facing unprecedented challenges and attacks from critics right now. CLICK HERE to download the PDF Version of the August 2022 “Monthly Briefing”, where you can read more about this and these other important issues to Western water users, from a perspective that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Crisis on the Colorado River 
  • Extreme July Weather Batters the West … California and Klamath Basin Water Users Face Challenges
  • Manchin, Schumer Introduce “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022”….Few Provisions for Western Drought 
  • House Passes Large Drought, Wildfire Package in Partisan Vote
  • SCOTUS ‘Major Questions’ Ruling Opens EPA to Future Rule Challenges  
  • Senate ENR Committee Passes Four Western Water Bills              
  • House Passes First FY 2023 Spending Minibus                  
  • Congress, Biden Administration Take on Wildfire and Forest Restoration Challenges
  • White House Releases Report on Breaching Lower Snake River Dams         
  • Senate Passes Water Resources Development Act              
  • A Big “Thank You” to our New and Supporting Members!             

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