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Congressional Western Caucus Announces Farm Bill Priorities

Congressional Western Caucus Announces Farm Bill Priorities

Alliance continues to advocate for a strong Western farm bill

The Congressional Western Caucus earlier this week released its 2023 Farm Bill Priorities. The priorities consist of four high-level pillars: Supporting Production Agriculture, Improving Voluntary Conservation Programs, Enhancing Forest Health and Active Management, and Strengthening Rural Communities through Development.

“The Congressional Western Caucus recognizes a healthy farm economy in America is vital for food security, both at home and abroad, and we will work to ensure rural voices are heard through the development of the 2023 Farm Bill,” said Caucus Chairman Dan Newhouse (R-WASHINGTON). “These high-level priorities will do much to assist rural communities, and we look forward to continuing to engage with farmers, ranchers, industry stakeholders, and members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees as they work to draft the Farm Bill.”

Last week, Chairman Newhouse announced that the Congressional Western Caucus had officially reached 100 Members, making it the second largest caucus on Capitol Hill. CLICK HERE for the full Western Caucus press release.

CLICK HERE to see what industry representatives are saying about the efforts of the Western Caucus.

“Engaging in the development of a 2023 Farm Bill that has a strong Western flavor is one of our top priorities,” said Family Farm Alliance Executive Director Dan Keppen. “We appreciate the Congressional Western Caucus’s leadership towards this end.”

One month the ago, the Alliance publicly rolled out its “Six Point Plan” intended to guide the organization’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. Passing a 2023 Farm Bill that addresses Western agricultural challenges was a top priority.

“We want to see 2023 Farm Bill conservation title programs that are administered efficiently and effectively, and support projects like irrigation modernization that provide multiple, stacked benefits, rather than simply focusing on climate fixes,” said Family Farm Alliance Executive Director Dan Keppen. “Conservation program management should emphasize a stronger role for state and local decision-making. And – the U.S. Forest Service needs to do a better job managing the land and tackling critical challenges like wildfire, insects, and disease on an expedited schedule.”

William Bourdeau, executive vice president of Harris Farms, serves on the Alliance board of directors, representing the west side of the San Joaquin Valley (CALIFORNIA). He penned this guest editorial for the San Joaquin Valley Sun“Farm Bill proves to be crucial lifeline for Calif. agriculture, national food security”.

“A stable domestic food supply chain is more crucial than ever,” writes Mr. Bourdeau.

We will continue to keep you informed on this and other developments impacting Western irrigated agriculture.
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