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December 2017 “Monthly Briefing”

Alliance Members Testify on Project Streamlining Bill

Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WASHINGTON) in November reintroduced HR 875, The Bureau of Reclamation Project Streamlining Act of 2017 (now HR 4419). Alliance President Patrick O’Toole (WYOMING) and Alliance member Urban Eberhart (WASHINGTON) testified at a House Water and Power Subcommittee hearing held at the end of the month in support of this legislation.

There is growing recognition among policy makers that water supply enhancement projects must be included in the tool box used to tackle Western water challenges. In addition to the water project bills that are moving in this Congress, states like California and Wyoming are dedicating millions of dollars to the development of new water storage projects.

Trump Administration agencies are also promising to find ways to speed up the environmental review processes associated with energy and infrastructure projects.  While much of the national media focus in 2017 has been on Russian conspiracy, North Korean nuclear threats and Capitol Hill battles over Obamacare, federal agencies have been busy advancing President Trump’s promise to alleviate “unnecessary burdens placed on the American people.”

Download the December 2017 “Monthly Briefing” to read more about this issue and the other following topics of interest to Western farmers and ranchers who rely upon reliable irrigation supplies:

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