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February 23-24, 2023

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The 2024 Family Farm Alliance Annual Meeting and Conference is an opportunity for producers, policy makers and water professionals from throughout the West to focus on topics of critical concern. A wide variety of speakers will take on the issues that make a difference to irrigators. Members of Congress and their staff, senior Biden Administration officials, and representatives from constructive NGOs are regulars on the program.

Silver Legacy Resort
February 22-23, 2024
Reno, Nevada


High-Profile Panel Discussions

  • Updates on How Federal Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act Investments are Being Spent
  • Colorado River Near-Term and Post-2026 Operations
  • Lower Snake River Dams
  • Western Universities Stepping Up for Irrigated Agriculture
  • Successful Watershed Planning Strategies
  • Post-Wildfire Water Management Challenges in the West

Cutting Edge Keynote Presentations, including:

Groundwater, Solar Farms and Pollinators in California’s Central Valley: Jennifer Fox (Electric Power Research Institute), Winner of the U.S. Water Prize.

Time Honored Conference Traditions

  • Bureau of Reclamation Roundtable
  • The View from Capitol Hill
  • …and much more!



Much of the Western U.S. is recovering from at least two to three consecutive years of crippling drought. The recent series of “atmospheric rivers” has dramatically changed the water supply situation in California, although pockets of drought stubbornly persist in other parts of the West.

The drought crisis that many Western farmers and ranchers have endured underscores some key concerns. Improved water infrastructure is needed to protect future water supply reliability. Water management in the West is becoming too inflexible. Fierce Western wildfire disasters are becoming an annual occurrence and present new challenges for water managers.

Importantly, we’ve learned that those areas where collaborative, cooperative community efforts are underway are more likely to weather drought than areas defined by confrontation and litigation.

Perhaps the only silver lining is that this unprecedented drought crisis has drawn public and political attention to Western agriculture’s critical role in providing this Nation with a safe and reliable food supply, boosting the national economy, and continuing the country’s stature as the world’s premier food basket. The drought, rising inflation and the Ukraine crisis all have a direct and serious impact on American consumers, along with global food supplies.

Policy makers must understand the relationship between all of these challenges and how they intersect to impact national and global food security. We cannot continue to allow policy decisions that slowly and permanently downsize Western agriculture by focusing on long-term theoretical processes centered solely around conservation. This approach will continue to result in “death by a million cuts” that erodes our Country’s long-term capacity to be self-sufficient for food and fiber and feed the world.

Our irrigated system of agriculture in the West has and can continue to provide the most stable food supply in the world - but only if we allow it to function.

The Annual Meeting and Conference is an opportunity for farmers and water professionals from throughout the west to focus on topics of critical concern. Each year, a wide variety of speakers address the issues that make a difference to irrigators. Members of Congress and their staff, Administration officials from the Department of Interior, EPA and other federal agencies are regulars on the program. The annual meeting takes place every year on the week of the Presidents Day holiday.

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