Oct 27, 2022 | Blog

Food Security Update

There Has Never Been a More Important
Time to Protect American Food Production

With the current backdrop of severe drought conditions in the Western U.S., significantly inflated food costs, global food supply challenges, and a looming global famine, the importance of Western American agricultural production should be carefully and thoughtfully evaluated.

Our friends at Northern California Water Association published this blog written by Family Farm Alliance Executive Director Dan Keppen. It discussed how the multiple-year drought we are facing in many parts of the West – coupled with other domestic and global developments – is already affecting the availability and price of food for many Americans.

Western Farmer-Stockman magazine runs a monthly guest column by Mr. Keppen. Several “Water Lines” columns published this year also tackle drought and American food security.

American food security faces many stressors
Oct 19, 2022

Water Lines: The overall message of the 2022 GAP report is that vulnerable agricultural systems rest on fragile foundations.

Western producers feeling pinch amid food concerns
Aug 17, 2022

Water Lines: Federal water policy is shutting down water availability for hundreds of thousands of acres of productive farmland.

A perfect storm: War, drought and the economy
Jun 21, 2022

Water Lines: A looming global food crisis highlights the importance of Western agriculture.

Food supply shouldn’t be an uncertainty
Apr 12, 2022

Water Lines: Amid drought, a coalition has teamed to inform U.S. consumers about the importance of food production.

Ukraine crisis shows importance of domestic supplies
Mar 11, 2022

Water Lines: It appears that many simply assume that food is something that comes from the local grocery store.

We will continue to keep you informed on this and other developments impacting Western irrigated agriculture.
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