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ISSUE ALERT: NextGen Water Webinar

ISSUE ALERT: NextGen Ag Webinar on Tue, Nov 16 at Noon Mountain Time

Hear from experts that include Alliance panelist exploring technology and the future of family farms and ranches

We wanted to alert you to an opportunity next week to hear from a panel discussing cutting-edge technologies in agriculture’s future on the West Slope of Colorado. The Western Slope is the part of the state of Colorado west of the Continental Divide and makes up about a third of the state. Alliance executive director Dan Keppen will join panelists that include a rancher, Colorado River District staff, and a research scientist from Colorado State University. We encourage you to attend. The press release and registration link are below.


Glenwood Springs, Colorado — Join the Colorado River District for a lunch-hour webinar focusing on West Slope agriculture and how the integration of new technologies, strategies, and infrastructure upgrades may secure a future for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

Colorado’s West Slope agriculture is one-of-a-kind. The food grown for people across the state and the nation is tended not by large, corporate entities, but by small, multi-generational family farms and ranches. These local operations provide an economic backbone for communities across the Western Slope, but in a hotter, drier climate, they face staggering challenges.

Discussion topics will include innovative new technology for agricultural efficiency across different geographic regions of the West Slope; infrastructure investments and collaborative solutions for funding; the need for innovation and steps being taken to help small family operations survive a hotter, drier future; and how these advancements and new technologies can entice a younger generation.

The webinar is free but registration is required. Sign up now at For those unable to attend the webinar live, register to receive an emailed recording of the event.

Water With Your Lunch: NextGen Ag panelists include:

  • Perry Cabot, PhD., Research Scientist and Extension Specialist, Colorado State University, Colorado Water Center
  • Paul Bruchez, Rancher, Reeder Creek Ranch
  • Dan Keppen, Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance
  • Dave “DK” Kanzer, Director of Science and Interstate Matters, Colorado River District
  • Marielle Cowdin, Director of Public Relations, Colorado River District



How do multi-generational family farms and ranches in Western Colorado face a changing climate and ensure a secure and enticing future for new generations? Find out at the next Water With Your Lunch on 11/16 – register here:


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