Sep 18, 2019 | News Alert

It’s that time of year, again…. to eat world-famous Hatch chiles!

In the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico’s signature farm commodity casts a spell on the taste buds – sparking a fiery debate.

Reporter: “So the big question: green or red?”

Robert Gonzalez/Algodones, New Mexico: “Green.”

Karleen Gonzales/Algodones, New Mexico: “Red.”

Chile peppers – green or red – have enriched the southwestern palate for longer than apple pie has been American.

Check out the above video showing how New Mexico’s premier commodity crop benefits from regional marketing, developed by Market to Market. And learn more about the challenges faced by the agency responsible for delivering water to those New Mexico farmlands: Elephant Butte Irrigation District, a long-time supporter of the Family Farm Alliance.

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