January 2019 “Monthly Briefing” Now Available

Annual Conference less than one month away…

In the January 2019 Monthly Briefing, read more about the 2019 Alliance Annual Meeting and Conference, which is set for February 20-22 at the Eldorado Casino Resort in Reno (NEVADA). “Standing at the Crossroads: Looming Decisions with Sweeping Consequences for Western Water” is this year’s conference theme. A.G. Kawamura (pictured above), a third-generation farmer from Southern California and a former secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, has been confirmed as one conference keynote speaker, and will speak to the aggressive and constructive approach farmers and ranchers must take to be heard and forge their future.

The Western water world is also abuzz with Colorado River drought contingency planning (DCP) efforts. Ongoing historic drought conditions in the Colorado River Basin, coupled with predicted dire near-term Colorado River water supply scenarios, have created a sense of urgency that is driving recent efforts to develop DCPs that seek to stabilize water levels Lakes Powell and Mead. Two DCP panels are planned for the 2019 conference: one for the Upper Basin, and one for the Lower Basin.

“The current situation on the Colorado River has finally brought the general public to the discussion,” says Alliance director Don Schwindt (COLORADO). “ Ag water users are also more engaged than ever. They are a major audience for our DCP panels.”

Click here to download the January 2019 “Monthly Briefing” and to learn more about the upcoming conference, and these issues, important to Western irrigated agriculture:

  • Partial Government Shutdown Lifted—For Now
  • FISH Act, Other Resources Bills Reintroduced in New Congress
  • Spreading the Alliance Message
  • 2019 Family Farm Alliance Annual Conference Registration and Background Information
  • 2019 Family Farm Alliance General Session Program Agenda
  • A Big “Thank you!” to our New and Supporting Members

Please email [email protected] if you have problems downloading the “Monthly Briefing”.

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