Jul 29, 2019 | Monthly Briefings

July 2019 “Monthly Briefing” Now Available

Western Water Hearings on Capitol Hill

In March, the Family Farm Alliance – working with the California Farm Bureau Federation and Western Growers Association – transmitted letters signed by over 100 national and Western agriculture and water organizations, calling upon Members of Congress to develop an infrastructure package that addresses water infrastructure needs for storage and conveyance. In the past month, several Congressional committee hearings were held to consider numerous Western water bills recently introduced.

Click here to download the June 2019 Family Farm Alliance “Monthly Briefing” to read more about this and these issues, important to Western irrigated agriculture:

  • Trump Administration Fills Positions Key to the West
  • Supreme Court to Hear Controversial Groundwater Case in November
  • Judge Blocks 2015 WOTUS Rule in Oregon
  • Reclamation Seeks Comment to changes in California Operations
  • August 2019 “Water Review” will focus on Colorado River
  • Donor Support

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