Jul 1, 2016 | Monthly Briefings

June 2016 Monthly Briefing

Special Western Drought Edition

Hydrologic Conditions, Watershed Health, “Regulatory” Drought and More….

Droughts come and go in the West. The larger issue, the underlying problem, is the ever-present and worsening shortage of water. Droughts only exacerbate water shortages. They also highlight the need to re-examine how we manage our limited water resources in the West. This edition of the “Monthly Briefing” summarizes current Western drought conditions and provides an update on federal drought spending, action on Capitol Hill, wildfire conditions and possible remedies, and the regulatory nature of the California drought.

Click here to read the June 2016 edition of the “Monthly Briefing” to learn more about these issues, and the other following topics of interest to Western water users:

  • Army Corps to Update Clean Water Act Nationwide Permits
  • BOR to Update Water Conservation Field Services Programs
  • News from the Colorado River Basin
  • Supreme Court, Circuits Rule on Clean Water Act Matters
  • Draft EPA Flow Report Raises “Grave Concerns”
  • A Big “Thank You” to our New and Supporting Members!

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