May 9, 2023 | Blog

La Voz Interview: American Farmers Fight For Their Survival

The Interview:
American farmers fight for their survival

Dr. César Vidal recently interviewed Elizabeth Jonasson (Public Affairs Representative, Westlands Water District) and Dan Keppen (Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance) about the importance of American agriculture and the challenges faced today by Western farmers, particularly those in California’s Central Valley.

CLICK HERE to visit the webpage of La Voz, a daily Spanish podcast with 1.5 million monthly downloads, hosted by Dr. Vidal. Scroll down the page to click on either the Spanish or English versions of the 45-minute interview.

Dr. Vidal – an historian, writer, and political commentator – is an American citizen, originally from Spain, who has written more than 180 books. He is a well-known personality in Spanish media and has hosted various television and radio shows.

“We are talking about real, real issues that affect our real lives,” Dr. Vidal says in his introductory monologue.

Westlands Water District has served the farmers and rural communities on the west side of Fresno and Kings counties for more than five decades. As stewards of one of California’s most precious natural resources, Westlands continually invests in conservation, and champions farmers deploying innovative irrigation methods based on the best available technology.

The Family Farm Alliance is a powerful advocate for family farmers, ranchers, irrigation districts, and allied industries in seventeen Western states. The Alliance is focused on one mission – To ensure the availability of reliable, affordable irrigation water supplies to Western farmers and ranchers.

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