Apr 1, 2016 | Monthly Briefings

March 2016 Monthly Briefing

2016 Family Farm Alliance Annual Conference:

The Western Drought – Lessons Learned, Paths to Success

The 2016 Family Farm Alliance conference -“The Western Drought—Lessons Learned, Paths to Success” – took place February 17-19 at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This special edition of the Monthly Briefing provides a summary of the important meetings and presentations that took place in Las Vegas last month, offering a glimpse into the most important water issues facing Western farmers and ranchers.

The 2016 Annual Conference general session included panel discussions on the recent applications and misapplications of the federal Endangered Species Act, watershed health, water rights, and recent important legal developments. As is generally the case, the theme of problem-solving was a strong thread woven through the conference.

Click here to read the March 2016 special edition of the “Monthly Briefing” and learn more about these issues:

  • Priority Initiatives for 2016
  • Making the ESA Work for the 21st Century
  • Some Clean Water Act Good News: Klamath Straights Drain Lawsuit
  • Advocacy in the 21st Century: Online Activism and Digital Marketing
  • Commissioner Lopez Emphasizes Partnerships
  • Bureau of Reclamation Roundtable
  • Inside Washington—A Look at D.C. From the Hill
  • Forests, Watersheds and Source Water Protection: The Experts Weigh In
  • Partnership Opportunities Between NOAA Fisheries and Agriculture
  • The Delta Smelt and Santa Ana Sucker Cases: Recent Court Decisions
  • The Prior Appropriation Doctrine in the Western U.S.
  • “Thirsty Land” Highlighted at Friday Conference Lunch

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