May 31, 2016 | Monthly Briefings

May 2016 Monthly Briefing

A “Historic” Day for the Family Farm Alliance

Reps Testify Before Three Congressional Hearings….in One Day

The Family Farm Alliance accomplished a rare feat earlier this month, when association representatives testified on three water-related policy matters before three separate congressional committees on Capitol Hill- in one day.

“This is definitely a first for our organization,” said Family Farm Alliance President Patrick O’Toole, a cattle and sheep rancher from Wyoming (pictured above, left). “Our presence is a testament to the command the Family Farm Alliance has of the relevant issues facing agriculture in the West.”

Click here to read the May 2016 special edition of the “Monthly Briefing” and learn more about these issues:

  • Alliance Delivers ESA Recommendations to Western Governors
  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond Concerns Raised with IRS
  • California Needs Sites Reservoir (courtesy of Northern CA Water Assn.)
  • Western Drought Fix in Play on Many Congressional Fronts
  • Mitigation Policies Raise Eyebrows in the West
  • Alliance Plays Part in Politico Focus on Water

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