May 1, 2022 | Monthly Briefings


Irrigators Face Water Cuts as Food Supply Concerns Mount 

Western producers continue strong push to protect irrigated agriculture

Farmers and ranchers across the Western United States continue their struggles for water, at a time when war in Ukraine, sanctions and destroyed ports could take a significant portion of the world’s grain supply out of production or off the market this year.  

“Drought persists across Western and central North America, the heart of our wheat, barley, corn and soybean supply,” said Ty Kliewer, who farms in Klamath County, Oregon. “In the meantime, irrigated agriculture that was built to provide security at precisely this moment, is being dried up by our government.”  

CLICK HERE to download the PDF of the May 2022 “Monthly Briefing” to read more about this issue, and other matters of importance to Western producers and water managers: 

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·        CEQ Finalizes Phase I NEPA Rule, Restoring “Archaic” Regulations

·        Sen. Warren / Rep. Khanna Introduce Future of Water Act       

·        President Biden Signs Executive Order on Forests      

·        White House Releases Agency “Equity Plans”

·        USDA Invests $420 Million in Watershed Infrastructure Projects

·        EPA Announces New Plan to Address Water Pollution

·        National Levee Safety Committee Seeks Applicants

·        OMB ‘Buy America’ Memo Provides Direction Ahead of Agency Guidance

·        Alliance Signs on to Letter Supporting Improved Forecasting

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