November 2021 “MONTHLY BRIEFING”

Alliance President Testifies on Colorado River Drought

Family Farm Alliance President Patrick O’Toole, whose family owns and operates a cattle and sheep ranch in Wyoming, testified last month before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Oceans and Wildlife (WOW) on the Colorado River drought – an unprecedented disaster for many farmers and ranchers, their families, and rural communities.

“We’ve seen the ups and downs and the volatility of weather and the changing climate—now it’s clear that the cycle of life has been disturbed,” said Mr. O’Toole.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF version of the November 2021 “Monthly Briefing”, where you can read more about the challenges faced by Colorado River farmers and ranchers, plus the following stories of interest to Western water users:

·        Alliance Joins Team Taking Farmer-Driven Solutions to the World Stage

·        House Delays Vote on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

·        Interior Department Welcomes New Biden-Harris Appointees

·        Alliance Engages in Reclamation Rulemaking Efforts

·        Biden Administration to Overhaul Trump Environmental Rules

·        Western Caucuses Release “Western Conservation Principles”

·        Climate Resiliency Reports Outline Government-Wide Efforts

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