Apr 13, 2021 | Position Statements

Our Support for Clean Drinking Water for Native Americans

At the April 9, 2021 Board of Directors meeting, the Family Farm Alliance took formal action in support of reliable, clean drinking water for Western Native American communities. Alliance President Patrick O’Toole said in a statement that current priorities of the organization include finding “win-win” solutions for irrigated agriculture in the West by working with tribal communities. The full statement can be found here:

As expressed in the statement, the Alliance supports the work of the Colorado River Water and Tribes Initiative as they raise awareness to the lack of access to clean drinking water in Indian country.

“The Family Farm Alliance supports the provision of reliable, clean drinking water to meet the domestic needs of Native American communities,” President O’Toole said. “The Family Farm Alliance urges Federal agencies and Tribal governments to coordinate and work collaboratively with appropriate State and local jurisdictions to establish expedited planning, design, development, and operation of infrastructure necessary to provide reliable, affordable, and clean drinking water for Native American communities in accordance with applicable law.”