September 2019 “Monthly Briefing” Now Available

Farmer Lobbyists Advocate for Western Irrigated Ag in D.C.

A group of farmers, ranchers and water managers from five Western states made the rounds on Capitol Hill and met with key Trump Administration officials earlier this month as part of the 2019 Family Farm Alliance Farmer Lobbyist trip. Water infrastructure legislation, ESA hearings, and water quality trading were all topics of interest.

Click here to download the September 2019 Family Farm Alliance “Monthly Briefing” to read more about this and these issues, important to Western irrigated agriculture:

  • Alliance President Testifies Before the Senate on WRDA 2020
  • Trump Administration Repeals Obama Era WOTUS Rule
  • Maui County Council Votes to Settle High Profile CWA Case
  • Army Corps Places 6-month Halt on Water Supply Rule
  • Klamath Farmers Free Up Water for National Wildlife Refuges
  • A Big “Thank You” to our New and Supporting Members!

Please email [email protected] if you have problems downloading the “Monthly Briefing”.

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