Aug 31, 2022 | Monthly Briefings

September 2022 “Monthly Briefing”

Feds’ Colorado River Deadline Passes

Water Users, States Scramble to Avoid Crisis

A mid-August deadline established by the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation for Colorado River Basin states to come up with plans to avoid a looming crash on the river came and went without any substantive actions proposed by those states. However, a timely infusion of $4 billion by the federal government may provide funding and buy time for Basin water users to develop voluntary efforts to reduce water use and allow Lakes Mead and Powell water levels to stabilize and avoid the river from a calamitous crash in the coming years. 

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  • President Signs Massive Health Care / Climate / Tax Bill into Law – 

Includes $4 Billion for Western Drought 

  • Drought Persists in Much of the West  — 
           Monsoons Bring Relief to Southwest Region     
  • Crippling California Drought Continues — 
          Governor Unveils New Water Supply Strategy
  • Federal Government Curtails Klamath Project Water Deliveries
  • Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Goes the Bumblebee — 
           Alliance Weighs in on California ESA Case       
  • Republican Efforts to Reform NEPA        
  • Applegate Sworn in as USGS Director                              

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