Sep 1, 2023 | Monthly Briefings

September 2023 “Monthly Briefing” Now Available!

2023 Farmer Lobbyists to Visit D.C. this Month

On the Hill, C.R. Viewed to Finalize Approps, ‘23 Farm Bill

The Family Farm Alliance 2023 Farmer Lobbyists will descend on Washington, D.C. later this month, just as Congress will be scrambling to reach agreement on Fiscal Year 2024 federal spending and avoid a government shutdown.

“This year’s farmer lobbyist trip will once again present a unique opportunity for Alliance members to share with Members of Congress and the Biden Administration the important issues that impact Western irrigated agriculture,” said Mark Limbaugh with The Ferguson Group, the Alliance’s representative in Washington. 

Congress late last month left D.C. for August recess. The Senate returns to Washington on September 5th and the House on September 12th. 

CLICK HERE to download the PDF Version of the September 2023 edition of the “Monthly Briefing”, where you can read more about this, and these other important issues to Western water users, from a perspective that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Eastern Washington Family Farm Alliance Tour   
  • Comment Period Closes on Administration’s Proposed ESA Rule Revisions….Alliance Sends in Comments
  • Jim Yahn from Colorado Joins Alliance Board of Directors                                                            
  • Alliance Applauds Senate Introduction of Healthy Watersheds Act                                     
  • New NEPA Rule: Alliance Prepares to Develop Formal Comments                                                  
  • Alliance Adds “Seasoned Pro” to Contractor Team                                                           
  • Hydrology Contributes to Improved Colorado River Operations                                         
  • Reclamation Announces Nearly $200 M in Funding Opportunities                                      
  • Save the Date! Roosevelt Irrigation District Centennial Celebration
  • A Big “Thank You” to our New and Supporting Members!

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