May 20, 2021 | News Alert

The Hill Runs JOINT OP-ED On Drought

Joint Op-Ed Seeks Support for Necessary Water Supply Fix


The DC publication The Hill carried our joint op-ed on the need for investment in Western water infrastructure, coauthored by Alliance executive director Dan Keppen, general manager Jennifer Pierre of the State Water Contractors, and president of Western Growers Dave Puglia.

With as much as 95% of water supply cut for Western farmers, the piece argues the harm past droughts have had on economic activity, the food supply, national parks, forests, and more.

The article shares what the current infrastructure bill has the potential of promoting: drought resiliency in the West. The benefits? A protected food supply as well as clean water for communities.

We raise before our DC readers the coalition effort calling on Congress to include water infrastructure in the current “Build Back Better” package being considered in Washington.

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