The Verdict is in: It’s Time to Bring the ESA into the 21st Century

(Washington, D.C.) – This week, 15 Members of the Western Caucus, Karen Budd-Falen from the Department of the Interior, and more than 30 stakeholders – including four representatives with ties to the Family Farm Alliance – held a roundtable discussion on issues surrounding the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The Caucus also unveiled a draft legislative package currently comprised of 19 bills to modernize the ESA.

President Patrick O’Toole (WYOMING) and Executive Director Dan Keppen (OREGON) spoke on behalf of the Alliance at the event, as did Alliance Advisory Committee members Urban Eberhart (Kittitas Reclamation District GM, WASHINGTON) and Chris Udall (Executive Director, Arizona Agri-Business and Water Council).

Click here for the Western Caucus press release, which includes links to additional information on the discussion drafts, stakeholder testimony and the full list of roundtable participants, case studies and video of the entire event.

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